-to dem now unsubscribing 100511———

your views are too often silly, in my opinion.
i tend to the left in usa domestic politics, but internationally i am
a moral imperialist, considering war normal.
as morally foul as are many americans, e g, extreme right,
misogynists, usa has a worldwide power responsiblity.
usa should dump assad, kill pirates, stop female circumcvision, save
orangutans and gibbons.   burma/myanmar junta

should have been promptly dumped.
that invasion of vietnam shames usa does not disqualify from killing
some badguys, e g, taliban, saddam.   better

usa strong in hegemony than others i could name.   chomsky types are
dangerously childish.   clinton should have

promptly defended bosnia, prepared to dump saddam, alerted vs
terrorists—but america chose to sleep, like in 1934

re hitler, partly due to pacifism.
—————–to dem now unsubscribing 100511——————–

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